What happens in your body when you have chronic GVHD?

Chronic GVHD causes your immune system to become unbalanced. In people with chronic GVHD, the immune system overreacts, creating too many of some cells and not enough of others. This leads to inflammation (swelling) and fibrosis (scarring).

pink icons showing that an unbalanced immune system caused by chronic GVHD leads to inflammation and fibrosis


is swelling that occurs because your body is trying to protect itself.

Inflammation that goes on for a long time, like in chronic GVHD, may cause damage to your body.


is the growth of scar tissue that hardens and keeps your organs from working properly.

In some people, fibrosis happens when inflammation goes on for a long time. It is also possible for scar tissue to form without any inflammation.

People with chronic GVHD face many challenges.

Chronic GVHD may affect many different parts of your body

Symptoms of chronic GVHD include

pink circular icon of an arm with a skin rash

Painful skin rashes,
along with skin
thickening or tightening

pink circular icon of a bent knee joint

Stiff joints and trouble
using your fingers,
hands, elbows, knees
or ankles

pink circular icon of an eye

Dry eyes or vision changes

pink circular icon of the lungs

Chronic cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing

pink circular icon of a human silhouette with circles near the digestive system

Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea or loss of appetite

pink circular icon of a descending line

General decline in
health, including fatigue

People with chronic GVHD also struggle with quality-of-life issues

pink and white circular icon of 2 people's side profiles, with a positive symbol in one and a negative symbol in the other

Increased cases of depression or anxiety

pink circular icon of 2 conversation speech bubbles

Social interaction problems

pink circular icon representing a battery with low power

Lack of energy

pink circular icon of a checklist

Reduced ability to
out daily tasks

If you’re on medicine but continue to have these symptoms, talk with your health care team. REZUROCK may be right for you.

See how REZUROCK is a

different kind of treatment

Watch videos

to see how people cope with chronic GVHD

GVHD, graft-versus-host disease.